Session Testimonials

Photo by Dark Templar
Photo by Dark Templar

“Wow…just wow!  I don’t even know where to begin.  I have been looking for that since I realized I like wearing diapers, being humiliated. and being controlled.  I have tried it with the women in my life, I have tried it with call girls, and I have tried it with other domination “companies” and it has never never ever been that amazingly fantastic!  You had me right from go, and it just kept getting better.  …you did almost everything I have ever wanted in 40 fucking minutes! .. I sit here in awe of you!  The way you commanded the role right from the start, and had me instantly under your control has my baby dick rock hard as I type this!  .. I have never had it feel so real, and I was actually living my fantasy today in that room!  I was seriously so frustrated (read incredibly turned on) that my responses and pleas (through my dummy) to your questions further humiliating me where going unheard I was literally on the verge of tears as I begged, and pleaded for you to stop further destroying any shred of manhood that still remained.  It has never felt so incredibly real before and you took me to a place I have been trying to find for over 20 years!  Thank you for that!” – Brad (adult baby client)

Thank you for an outstanding session. There are so many aspects of your performance that are unique, interesting, and appealing and found only in Pandora’s box.

Achilles_2″-chainreference (wrestling client)

From “S”-tease and denial/whipping/flogging client: