The Difference Between a Dominatrix and a Prostitute

Looking to pay for sex???

Then you’re in the wrong place.

As a professional fetish model, I conduct live sessions but I do NOT allow intimate or sexual contact of any kind. Nor are you allowed to get yourself off, or be naked during my sessions.

You may have sessioned with dommes before who have no problem with these activities, which are basically illegal in most states, under anti-prostitution laws. These dommes are prostitutes, and not reputable dommes. Most professional, reputable dommes do NOT engage in sexual activity.

Pro- Dominatrix are in the business of fantasy realization and do not have sex with their clients. They are a cross between a psycho-dramatist and therapist. A Dominatrix , skilled enough to realize a living in the profession, earns every penny she makes. She must be confident enough to intuit and focus on the needs of many different personalities and strong enough to pull off scene after scene with expertise and finesse. For any dominant, this is a terrific strain. Having to do so many times each week narrows the field of capable Dominatrix considerably.

Not to mention, you should never put your body and your physical health in the hands of someone who has NO BDSM experience.  Me and my model friends charge a lot because we know what we’re doing. We would never jeopardize ANYONE’S safety. We use safe words at all times.  We know how to assess your physical health, and monitor it constantly, during the session. We would never leave a client alone, while tied up or restrained.

We’re smart women who know how to stimulate your mind. Anyone can stimulate your sex organs.  We go beyond the sexual into the realm of fetish fantasy and stimulate your mind. We earn every penny we ask for.