Rave Reviews from Photographers:

Photo by Incubus Photo Studio 09/15
Photo by Incubus Photo Studio 09/15

“It was an absolute pleasure to photograph you yesterday. You combine a mastery of modeling technique, understanding the artistic results desired with the ability to come alive in front of the camera. I’m looking forward to more collaboration with you.” – David Janoff

“…thank you so much for an excellent shoot last night…I love your work and you are awesome to work with..it was a joy to shoot with someone like you…look forward to shooting again soon..” -Creative Images by Skip

“..it was certainly a pleasure working with you today. Your incredible dedication and hard work made the shoot a joy to shoot. Can’t wait to work with you again!! :)” – 1 Elite Photo

“I am very envious of the photographers with talent that get to work with you. The pictures you post are fantastic.  Keep up the good work.”  – So-Cal Al

From Custom Clients:

“The video has been downloaded successfully and i have watched it. Honestly i love the video and your performance in it…Certainly i am satisfied with the video..thanks and in future i will certainly order another from you…” – F.N.

“I MUST say the pics are AWESOME, and your feet, with those long red toe-nails are just “LUSH”!
In fact you are an extremely sexy lady!! I would love to grovel on the floor, and kiss your toes.
Thank you VERY VERY MUCH, for the pictures, and PLEASE get your slave to grovel at your barefeet
for me!!” -A.S

“MANY THANKS! You took my breath away…i am just looking your beautiful body and face…and the great expressions…You are real professional!” – B.L.

Testmonial from a darkfetishnet.com client
Testmonial from a darkfetishnet.com client


Testmonial from yahoo email



Testmonials from yahoo email