How Do Customs Work?

From Pandora and Candle Boxxx's Hitachi Party
From Pandora and Candle Boxxx’s Hitachi Party, shot for a custom client

I am highly experienced in shooting customs. I’ve shot over $12,000 worth of custom work for clients in the last few years. The content has ranged from simple masturbation videos, to very complicated fetish content that includes elaborate bondage.

I’ve received tons of testimonials from custom clients about my work.

Most clients who contact me have worked with other models or producers before, and they understand how ordering a custom works. Every once in a while, though, I receive inquiries from fans who ask a lot of questions about how the custom process works.

I decided to add this page, so that I could cover all the questions I’ve received. Hopefully, it clarifies the process a lot, and will prevent future confusion!

Beginning stage-making an inquiry

Interested fans usually contact me by email, but I also get requests from social media.  The best way to contact me about a custom is to email me at:

This is the best way for me to keep a record of our communications.

When you write, please include AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE, about what you would like me to film.  Include:

1) Do you want videos, or stills?

From "The Vampire in the Woods" series (starring Tara Tied and Maryjane Foxx)
From “The Vampire in the Woods” series (starring Tara Tied and Maryjane Foxx)-series 1-4, all shot for the same custom client

2) If a video, how long of a clip do you want? If stills, how many photos do you want?

3) Send your script, if you have one. If you have specific requirements about what you want the model(s) to wear, what background/environment you like, and any other details, please include them.

4) Let me know if you have any budget requirements/restrictions.

5) If you have any other models you’d like to see in your custom besides me, please let me know. Here is a roster of models I can work with! If your preferred model is not on my list, no problem..just let me know, and I can contact them or their agent.

6) Is your custom going to be resold? If so, let me know. I charge more for content to be resold. Otherwise, I retain the copyright, as the producer and photographer.

After the Inquiry

I will review all of your information, and get back to you ASAP with a quote for how much your custom will cost.

If I need more details, we can chat over email, or IM.

After the Quote

Shot from a custom video set
Pandora is bondage, shot from a custom photo set

If my quote is out of your budget range, never fear! I’m more than willing to work within a client’s budget!

Sometimes, the cost can be reduced in one of the following ways:

1) Making the video clip shorter.

2) Eliminating a second model and turning it into a self-shot clip.

3) Eliminating complicated logistical details; for example, bondage clips cost more money because sometimes a rigger must be hired.  Complicated bondage techniques could be replaced with easier methods of restraining a character in your clip!

Please don’t just go incommunicado, if you don’t like your quote. I am always willing to work with you!

I’ve shot customs for as low as $ all depends on the specific details!

Please note, there are


Assuming we both agree on price and content, the next step is to SEND PAYMENT.

Please NOTE – it is normal procedure for the client to PAY for the custom, BEFORE the video is shot. I’ve had some fans ask if they can pay AFTERWARDS. This would be a bad business step on my part, if I did this. I’m sure I would be dealing with unscrupulous people who refuse to fund the filming, then refuse to pay after the clip is done.

Please note, my policy is NO REFUNDS. Once you have paid the money, I do a lot of work behind the scenes,,scheduling models..setting up the logistical requirements, communicating back and forth with models and clients, etc.


Snap 2016-08-13 at 00.58.52
“Hypnowar 3”, shot for a custom client

I do my best to get customs shot and delivered within a 3-week timeframe.

**MOST customs can be done in 3 weeks, but this is NOT a guarantee

I understand that many clients are excited and want their videos ASAP! Occasionally, I get backed up with orders, or I may be traveling.  Or there may be an issue with scheduling other models.

Or the weather interferes..or some other circumstance beyond my control..if this happens, though, I will be in constant contact with you, to let you know what’s going on.

Once the content is done, I send it via large transfer websites such as These sites allow me to upload video files, which can be rather large, to their site. They then send you an email with a download link. This normally works very well, but if you have a different, preferred method, let me know.

Some clients like to have DVDs mailed to them. I am happy to do this, assuming the client pays for postage.

In addition, some clients want souvenirs from the shoots.  I’m also happy to include a souvenir, for a nominal fee.

Any questions? Send me a message!


Miss Pandora