Ordering a Custom Video

Photo by BrendanJM
Photo by BrendanJM

Prices for custom videos depend on many factors, so each custom must be worked out individually between Miss Pandora and the client.

Things that make the price of a custom go up:

  1. Complicated logistics–for ex., bondage, multiple models, customs that require a photographer to shoot as opposed to using a tripod
  2. The length of your video will make the price go up.
  3. NOTE: Self-shot videos are always the cheapest. These can include, for ex., POV type videos that Miss Pandora shoots herself, on a tripod.

Miss Pandora is always willing to work within the client’s budget!

She has been shooting customs for 6 years and has shot dozens of them. For examples of videos that were shot for custom clients, go here.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your custom video to be shot and delivered. Some customs that require complicated logistics may take longer.

Want your custom mailed to you on a DVD? Just ask. Minimal extra charges apply.

If you’re interested in ordering a custom, contact Miss Pandora here: